INTERVIEW with Silent Siren December part.2


Hinanchu is a familiar face to many as Music Japan TV presenter, and she is also the drummer for girls band ‘Silent Siren’. After making their major debut in 2012. ‘Sai-sai’ as they are fondly known have reached the milestone of four years in the spotlight, and have captured the hearts of a wide range of people, from high-school girls and teenagers who are fashion conscious to guys who are really into music. Let’s take a look at how ‘Sai-sai’ feels about the music that they present in a cute-rock authentic girls band style based on the concept of ‘Departure: Harajuku → Destination: the World!’.

In this edition, we will continue our interview with drummer Hinanchu and vocalist Suu!

2016 is almost over. What kind of year has this year been for Silent Siren? Read on for a really sincere answer from the two girls!

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Q. Looking back over this past year, what kind of a year has 2016 been to you?

Hinanchu: This year a lot of things have become very clear to me. For example, even in my private life, things that I keep in my house are now only the bare essentials. I’ve stopped buying things that I don’t really need, like clothes and shoes. Similarly with work, I used to want to do everything, but after taking a better look at things, I realized that we only need a limited amount. And since that has become clear for me, this year has been a year for good decluttering.

Q. Tell us about one of your biggest memories of 2016.

Suu: That would be our show at Yokohama Arena. That live performance left me feeling like ‘We can do more!’. It was a very important show for Sai-sai.

Also, this year I took on a challenge of going to an uninhabited island and tried to live completely self-sufficiently, but it was actually really tough. My eyes were opened to so many things that we don’t notice because we live in such a convenient society, like just how hard it is to start a fire, or how tough it can be to find food. And while it was pretty severe, there were those moments like when the sun was going down and I looked out over the horizon on the ocean and thought to myself ‘the world is actually round’ and lots of other moments that moved me. It was a valuable life experience that changed my outlook on the world.

Q. If you had one month’s holiday, what would you do?

Hinanchu: I’d like to go to Hawaii and just take it easy.

(Photo by クレジット)

Q. Can you give us some pointers on singing Sai-sai’s songs at karaoke?

Suu: Most Sai-sai songs are in a very high key, so try dropping it half a key, and find a level that suits you and is easy to sing. And get excited and enjoy the song as you sing!

Q. What is your goal for 2017?

Hinanchu: My motto is to be true to myself. I am originally a negative kind of person, so I’m not going to go out of my way trying to achieve something, rather, I want to prioritize just being myself. I want 2017 to be a year of simplicity, and a year that I can live as I please.

Suu: I want to become more famous! Honestly, we are still not up there with the big names. I will give my all to sharing Sai-sai’s music with more and more people!

The Sai-sai who have powered through 2016, what will they show us next?
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