Get ready for a pre-world tour Silent Siren onslaught! [PART 2] Getting psyched up to perform on international stages!


All the members of this group were originally reader models, and wear popular and cute fashion styles.

What kind of artists come to mind for you on hearing these few details?

This is ‘Silent Siren’, a Japanese girl band that sends audiences instantly wild every time they take their instruments in hand and perform their songs. Excited and enthusiastic fans transformed the entire venue of their recent tour finale into a whirlpool of pink, the official Si-Si (abbrev. of Silent Siren pronounced sai-sai) colour. And the countdown is now on for the day that these fans will paint the world pink!!!

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L-R: Ainyan, Hinanchu, Suu, Yukarun

Silent Siren made their debut 4 years ago when they went viral among Junior and High School girls, shooting to instant fame. The girls have expanded their activities over the past few years, gaining fans across a wide range of ages in doing so. Some fans even come from overseas to see them perform! On the back of that success, they have recently successfully completed their largest Japan tour in July of this year. And from September, the girls will depart from Japan to take their place on stages around the world!

That being said, it has come to light that the girls also had a period when they struggled with shaking the “readers model” image. So why is it that they were able to overcome such adversities and come so far as to be recognised as international artists?

This is a continuation of the previous interview featured here. Read on as we continue in our search for that something special in the interview below!

— So your world tour is about to start very soon right. What kind of image do you have of fans in each of the different countries?

Ainyan: The different response to our music in each of the different countries is something you can feel, you can almost touch it. For example, in Indonesia everyone sings along together. Or in America for instance, the fans give a huge reaction to each and every single thing. I’m looking forward to going back, this time fronting our own one-band-show!

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—Is there anything that you make a conscious effort to change when you’re performing abroad compared to when you’re performing at home in Japan?

Yukarun: We keep our own basic style when performing, but we put a lot of effort into deciding the set list. Fans overseas are more familiar with songs that we have up on Youtube and cover songs such as ‘Secret base ~ kimi ga kureta mono’, so we try to incorporate songs that we think will make them happy!

(Photo by クレジット)


— There are many out there for who Silent Siren’s world tour is their first time hearing of you. What advice would you give them for enjoying your shows?

Hinanchu: Wear a pink t-shirt and bring a pink towel. That way you’ll be matching with everyone else there, and really enjoy it!

— What kind of challenge would you like to take on in the future?

Suu: There’s so much I want to do! There’s still lots of countries that I really want to go to, and there is still plenty on my bucket list of things to do in Japan. I want to take things one at a time, and spread the word even while on tour that “Silent Sirent are a kick-ass Japanese girl band” and leave our mark as we go.

First world tour a dream come true! Silent Siren whirlwind spreads around the world!

From the interview, the girls’ dedication to Silent Siren was obvious, as well as their desire to put their fans above everything else. The girls not only try to make their shows enjoyable for first-timers, but also try things like songs to shake up their usual image, or grand performances that shock their long-time fans. Silent Siren’s fanbase continues to expand because of their unmistakeable sincerity.

Silent Siren will never be satisfied and settle with how far they have come. They are constantly looking and moving onward and upward! And their move out of Japan to perform in other countries evidence to that motivation. Their world tour includes shows in Indonesia, Shanghai, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The girls will be taking their world tour to a total of six cities, where they hope to infect their audiences with an enthusiasm and excitement like never before!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get our pink t-shirts and towels ready for the tour!

Active both in Japan and overseas, Silent Siren’s lead member Hinanchu is MC for the television programme ‘Music Japan TV’ airing every Friday!

Music Japan TV shares Japan’s hottest artists and latest music charts, so make sure to check it out!

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Tour Announcement:

Silent Siren S WORLD TOUR 2016 supported by WAKUWAKU JAPAN
Sept 9 (Fri) Indonesia, Jakarta Upper Room
Sept 24 (Sat) China, Shanghai Shanghai Q.S.W Culture Center (Q.Hall)
Sept 30 (Fri) USA, Los Angeles MI (Musicians Institute) Concert Hall
Oct 2 (Sun) USA, San Francisco Slim’s
Oct 8 (Sat) Taiwan, The Wall
Oct 10 (Mon) Hong Kong, KITEC Music Zone@E-max

(Photo by クレジット)

(Photo by Satoshi Hata)

↑“Silent Siren Live Tour 2016 -For S, aim for S! And everything will become S” Grand finale at Yokohama Arena

USA, Los Angeles
Date: 30 Sep 2016
Location: Musicians Institute Concert Hall
1655 McCadden Place Hollywood, CA 90028 United States
Purchasing Tickets: http://silentsiren-in-la.brownpapertickets.com

USA, San Francisco
Date: 2 Oct 2016
Location: Slim’s
333 11th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Purchasing Tickets: http://silentsirensf2016.eventbrite.com

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