A round up of all our Silent Siren interviews in 2016! Don’t miss this chance to catch up if you missed out on previous interviews. Take a look back over exclusive WWM interviews with us!


Check out images from this year’s national tour that started in May, “Silent Siren Live Tour 2016 -For S, aim for S! And everything will become S”, along with comments from each of the members. Our editors approached the girls backstage at the grand finale in Yokohama Arena, getting exclusive video footage for WWM!

(Photo by クレジット)

And when Sai-sai’s Japan tour finished up in September, it wasn’t long before they set out on their world tour, ‘Silent Siren S WORLD TOUR 2016’. The members shared with us how they were feeling prior to their shows in this interview. And they also let us in on the differences between performing to a Japanese audience and performing overseas.

From October, one by one the girls joined us along with Music Japan TV presenter and Silent Siren drummer Hinanchu!

The first of the girls to join us was Ainyan. Ainyan plays base for Silent Siren. The two girls shared their reasons for getting into music with us. Moving on, in November keyboardist Yukarun
came on set. And spoke about the next big goals for Sai-sai having recently completed their world tour!

And last but not least, vocalist Suu also made an appearance! The two girls spoke about the dreams they had as kids, the first CD that they bought etc, along with lots of other must-know fan info!

(Photo by クレジット)

The Silent Siren fan base is continuing to grow all around the world. Can’t wait to see what these girls get up to in 2017!


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