What is Ainyan hooked on at the moment? SILENT SIREN Relay Questionnaire


Hinanchu, who most are familiar with from her role as presenter on Music Japan TV, is a drummer with girls band SILENT SIREN. Want to hear more about how these girls who perform both in Japan and overseas spend their down time? Read to find out about their hobbies, beauty routines, their favourite photo that they have had taken of themselves and lots more to reveal a side to the Sai-sai girls that you never knew!

Starting the questionnaire project aimed at our four members!

We will be introducing juicy info about the girl’s private lives in a relay form.

Next up for questioning is the cute smiley bassist Ainyan!

Q What are you hooked on at the moment?

A. Light blue! Of course that includes clothes and accessories, but also nails, hair, and just about anything blue!

Colouring your hair blue is definitely a sign of style! There is an abundance of hair colours in Japan. Some people choose a vivid shade on an under section for one point tweak, while others go for gradation colour that involves colouring just the ends colours such as pink or blue. Pale blue could be naturally incorporated to a hairstyle using both one point colouring or gradation colouring.

Q. If you were an animal what would you be?

A. A Koala. I can supposedly sleep 22 hours a day, so I guess I’m like a koala.

This answer is very typical of Ainyan, known for her love of sleep! All that sleep might just be her secret to great skin?!

Q What food can you just not help getting excited about when you eat?

A. Sushi, pak chi, Tako-yaki, Shiro-ko Ponzu, and curry. There’s lots actually.

Japan is now experiencing a boom in the popularity of pak chi like never seen before. Young girls who follow the current trends fill Thai, Indonesian, and other ethnic food restaurants. Pak chi specialist stores continue to open in Tokyo, and are hugely popular.

Q. Where in the world would you most like to go at the moment?

A. Fiery Spain!

Sai-sai flew all over the world for their world tour last year. Perhaps it won’t be long now until they’re performing a live show in Europe?!

Q. Please show us a photo that you took recently that you like.

A. Mt. Fuji seen from a plane.

Q. Please tell us something unexpected about Yukarun that only a band member would know.

A. She’s quite a sight after she has taken a bath!lol She wears an animal face mask, with glasses, and a hairband, so you can’t tell who she is at all.

We managed to get a peep at Yukarun in a way only the band members know her. Next up in our relay questionnaire is Yukarun herself. And finally, here is a selfie by Ainyan in Cebu Island.

Until next time!

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