Relay questionnaire with SILENT SIREN is looking to be a popular project! Fans are in for a treat, with Hinanchu’s super cute favourite photoshoot snap also being released this time too!


Hinanchu, who most are familiar with from her role as presenter on Music Japan TV, is a drummer with music band SILENT SIREN. Want to hear more about how these girls who perform both in Japan and overseas spend their down time?

Here we will take a look at their hobbies, beauty routines, their favourite photo that they have had taken of themselves and lots more to reveal a side to the Sai-sai girls that you never knew!

Starting the questionnaire project aimed at our four members!
We will be introducing juicy info about the girl’s private lives in a relay form.
And the top batter is Hinanchu!

Q. Please share with us a book or manga that you would recommend.


NANA is a manga written by Ai Yazawa aimed at girls. The main character is a vocalist in a band, and there are lots of music lovers who read this manga. It has been such a big hit in Japan, that you could almost say that it is a bible for Japanese girls.

Q. Is there a part of your make-up routine that you just can’t do without?

A. My eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are fake eyelashes that you apply on top of your own using a special glue. They are said to give you eyes like a doll. So it is a new form of makeup for Japanese girls. You too could like a little like Hinanchu by trying eyelash extensions!

Q. Where in Japan would you recommend somebody to visit?

A. Ise Jingu Shrine

It turns out that Hinanchu is currently hooked and traveling around and visiting shrines in her down time. Is Jingu is a shrine located in Ise, in Mie prefecture. It has over 2,000 years of history. It is said to be the home of the Japanese spirit and is a popularly known power spot. How about making a visit on your trip to Japan?

Q. Please show us a photo that you have taken recently in your private time.

A. Here are my cats Fujiyama and K Komari


Q. Is there something new that you want to try this year?

A. I got my drivers license in 2016, so this year I want to try get some other kind of qualification.

Hinanchu told us in a previous interview that she wants to be herself this year; and to not push herself over the top. We hope that she will be successful in getting a new qualification, and making the most of her private life in 2017.

Q. Tell us something unexpected about Ainyan that only a Silent Siren member would know.

A. She is bad in the mornings. She likes beer. And she is great at taking photos!

Wow, that really is an insider’s view that only members would know! For the next session, Hinanchu will pass the baton to Ainyan. And to round up, we’ll finish up with this cute selfie by Hinanchu.

Until next time!



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