Find out what the SILENT SIREN members are really like with this questionnaire recap!


While the girls in SILENT SIREN are international performers, they are also just girls who love cute things. If you keep your eye on them you’ll notice Japanese trends!

The relay questionnaire carried out from January of this year with SILENT SIREN kicked off with WAKUWAKU JAPAN’s MusicJapanTV presenter Hinanchu, followed by Ainyan Yukarun, and Suu. We got a look at their favourite and even private photos.

This time we’ll be taking a look back over the questionnaire that the girls have answered so far!

Get a peek at an unknown side of Silent Siren vocalist Suu in this interview

Hinanchu’s favourite place is ____!

It seams that in her free time, cool beauty Hinanchu is hooked on none other than visiting shrines. And her favourite power spot is here…

Relay questionnaire with SILENT SIREN is looking to be a popular project! Fans are in for a treat, with Hinanchu’s super cute favourite photoshoot snap also being released this time too!

Food gets her excited, but do you know Ainyan’s five favourite foods?!

Get a look at a unique side of Ainyan as she reveals some national favourites as well as more rare dishes that she likes. These are 5 dishes that you should really try when you come to Japan.

What is Ainyan hooked on at the moment? SILENT SIREN Relay Questionnaire

Yukarun shines at that popular game.

Cute Yukarun has not one, but two hidden talents. And one of them is the hugely popular game fun for all ages!

Find out SILENT SIREN Yukarun’s hidden talent?! Beloved dog photo also revealed!

Learn how to sing Sai-sai songs with confidence at karaoke from vocalist Suu!

The high tempo and pitch make Sai-sai songs a bit challenging at Karaoke, but we found out how to sing them with ease.

Get a peek at an unknown side of SILENT SIREN vocalist Suu in this interview

What did you think of all the answers that revealed a glimpse of the real faces of each of the members in their everyday lives? If you want to learn more about SILENT SIREN, check out this article!

Get a peek at an unknown side of Silent Siren vocalist Suu in this interview

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