Get a peek at an unknown side of Silent Siren vocalist Suu in this interview


Hinanchu, who most are familiar with from her role as presenter on Music Japan TV, is a drummer with music band Silent Siren. Want to hear more about how these girls who perform both in Japan and overseas spend their down time?

Take a look at their hobbies, beauty routines, their favourite photo that they have had taken of themselves and lots more to reveal a side to the Sai-sai girls that you never knew!

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Starting the questionnaire project aimed at our four members!
We will be introducing juicy info about the girl’s private lives in a relay form.

Up this time is charming vocalist Suu, known for her oh-so-cute happy voice!

Q. What movie do you like?

A. Animated movie Tekkonkincrete

‘Tekkonkincrete’ is a movie animation based on the original manga created by Taiyō Matsumoto. With a distinctive perspective on the world and amazing visuals, Taiyō Matsumoto has gained himself a large following both in Japan and overseas. His most famous works ‘Pin pon’ and ‘Blue Spring’ have also both been made adapted for the big screen as real action movies. You’ve nothing to loose by reading a manga by genius Taiyō Matsumoto that Suu too is stuck on!

Q. If you were told that you have one month holiday from today, where would you go?

A. South!

Suu shares with us that she would love to relax and take it easy on a beach resort.

Q. What’s your regular number that you sing at karaoke?

A. I haven’t gone karaoke in years so… I don’t have one.

Now that comes as a surprise, Suu doesn’t go to karaoke in her down time. And while she doesn’t go karaoke herself, she shared some tips on how to sing Sai-sai songs well at karaoke for those who do go. “Sai-sai songs are very high-keyed, so it’s much easy if you drop it down a key or too to what’s right for you.” Want to give it a go?

Q. Is there anything that you are adamant about when it comes to maintaining your health?

A. I try my best to not let my body get cold!

Winter in Japan is cold, meaning that people tend to feel a chill to the very core. By staying warm and maintaining that heat we can strengthen our immunes system, and it is also beneficial from a beauty point of view. Girls in Japan take long baths half submerged in hot water, and drink hot tea to find off the daily cold!

Q. Please show us a photo that you took recently in your down time that you are fond of.

A. This is a shot from a donut shop in Azabu-juban; it’s so pink and cute.

Q. Please tell us something unexpected about Hinanchu that only members of the band would know.

A. Actually, she can hold drink (alcohol) surprisingly well.

Hinanchu is usually the responsible one, but in her off-time, there is another side to her that like a drink!? I can’t help wonder what she’d be like when she’s drunk~! Now, this interview brings the 4 part relay questionnaire with each of the members to a close.

That you so much to Sai-sai, to who we feel so much closer to now.
And lastly, as we closed each interview, with an attractive smile from the other members, we’ll close here with a cute selfie from Suu.

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