Find out SILENT SIREN Yukarun’s hidden talent?! Beloved dog photo also revealed!


SILENT SIREN is a girls band lead by drummer Hinanchu, a familiar face to many through her role as presenter on Music Japan TV. What to hear more about how these girls who perform both in Japan and overseas spend their down time? Here we will take a look at their hobbies, beauty routines, their favourite photo that they have had taken of themselves and lots more to reveal a side to the Sai-sai girls that you never knew!

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This time we are joined by the pure Yukarun, keyboard player for SILENT SIREN!

Q. Tell us about a fashion item that you bought this winter that you really like.

A. My down coat. It’s warm and has a cute design, and I really like it!

Winter is very cold in Japan. In particular, in January and February, temperatures drop so low that we even get snow in Tokyo in those months. A warm down coat is a must have item to get through the cold Japanese winter!

Q. Is there something that you are particular about when it comes to beauty care?

A. Moisturising!

The secret to Yukarun’s clear beautiful skin is simply “moisturising”! The air in Japan is very dry, so you cannot afford to not moisturise your skin. There has been a huge increase of women in Japan at the moment spending more on their skin and hair than on clothes. Good moisturising is the quickest way to beautiful skin.

Q. Very straightforwardly put, what is your talent?

A .Rhythmic gymnastics, Mario cart

Yukarun is very flexible. It looks like the reason for that is that she does rhythmic gymnastics!

Mario cart is an all time classic and favourite of all ages. The Super Mario Run game app was released last year on December 16, and was downloaded more than 40,000,000 times in just four days since it was made available, a clear hit.

Q. What are you good at cooking?

A. Japanese inspired Mabo Tofu!

Mabo Tofu is a typical Chinese dish, but can be made with a Japanese taste with subtle flavouring. Who wouldn’t like to try Yukarun’s home cooking at least once!

Q. Can you show us a photo that you took recently in your private time that you are particularly fond of?

A. This is my beloved dog, Kokoro.

Q. Tell us something unexpected about Suu that only aSILENT SIREN member would know.

A. She’s really knowledgeable on plants. And, she loves sweet American style sweets!

As Suu is so slender it really is a surprise that she is a fan of American snacks!

Next time the baton will be passed to Suu. And to round up, we’ll say goodbye with this selfie of Yukarun dressed in a lovely outfit.

Until next time!

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