Members of popular idol group SKE48 have dressed up as cute oni (demons)!


One of Japanese largest convenience store chains Lawson used the hugely popular Japanese idol group SKE48 as their image character for this year’s Ehomaki (eaten at the spring equinox for good fortune and to ward off demons) celebrations. And their outfits for the campaign? None other than demons!

This group is mainly active in the Nagoya area, were featured on packaging on products sold in Nagoya and central Japan in limited numbers, proving extremely popular.

The Ehomaki and oni are related to a uniquely Japanese rite.

Photo: Lawson Press Release

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It is said that eating Ehomaki on February 3 wards off oni as spring is rung in. This day is ‘Setsubun’, the spring equinox. People traditionally eat thick sushi rolls called Ehomaki on this day. Each year the direction one should face in while eating changes, and while facing the certain direction, the person eating should wish for something. It is said that if you stay facing in the direction until you are finished the Ehomaki your wish will be granted. This year’s direction was northwest and north.

This year the SKE48 girls wore cosplay costumes in the role of the oni, or demon. Surely you don’t want to exterminate them now?

The products in question were like this.

Photo: Lawson Press Release

From the left, the four members in demon costume are Haruka Kumazaki, Nao Furuhata, Ryoha Kitagawa, and Yuna Ego.

Who do you prefer in this demon cosplay? They’re all so cute it’s hard to pick a favourite!

This year’s spring equinox is already over, but if you’re a fan, you should make a wish that they will show us their demon outfits again next year!

Top Photo: Lawson Press Release


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