Cream of the crop latest trending Japanese rapper has this look down to a t! Popular apparel maker SPINNS announces new campaign!


SPINNS is an apparel store that has a huge following mostly among Japanese high-school and university students. SPINNS has now announced their new spring items. Rude-α .feat .R’kuma, a pair of rappers born in 1997 feature as models for the new season campaign. They are featured in photos shot in 5 famous Tokyo spots, Asakusa, Tsukuji, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku.

The two are wearing top trending items for spring 2017 in Japan, with the jersey mix trend continuing from last year, and bold colours mixed with light blue denim. If you want to learn more about the latest Tokyo fashion trends, make sure to check out the official SPINNS website!

The two members of Rude-α .feat .R’kuma were born in Okinawa, and earned themselves a name as famous rappers when they were still in high school. They already have quite the career behind them for a couple of young rappers.

HIP HOP culture is very closely linked with the latest fashion trends. If you are interested in following Japanese fashion trends then you’d do well to take note of the styles master by these rappers!

You can check out the hot topic poster for SPINNS with Rude-α .feat .R’kuma here.

Starting out from Harajuku, where SPINNS main store is located.

Photo by SPINNSプレスリリース

Next is the Shibuya version, taken at the now famous scramble crossing.

Photo by SPINNSプレスリリース

On a corner with a view of Sky Tree in the touristy area of Asakusa.

Photo by SPINNSプレスリリース

In Tsukuji, at a market known for the freshest seafood in Tokyo.

Photo by SPINNSプレスリリース

And finally, the neon light filled entertainment district of Shinjuku. What did you think of these shots? SPINSS is expanding new and used clothing ranges specifically of interest to its young fanbase, making it possible to stay right at the fore of fashion trends without breaking the bank!.Feel free to drop into SPINNS when sightseeing in Tokyo!

Photo by SPINNSプレスリリース

SPINNS http://www.spinns.com/

Top Photo by SPINNSプレスリリース


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