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Starbucks offers alcohol beverages in Japan to boost the evenings.


“Starbucks Coffee” is well-known worldwide.
Today we are going to talk about where you can enjoy “STARBUCKS EVENINGS” at Starbucks Coffee in Marunouchi-Shin-Tokyo building in Japan.
The company has already begun selling alcohol at around 250 stores worldwide, but the Marunouchi store will be the first such outlet in Asia followed by the United States and United Kingdom.

“STARBUCKS EVENINGS” is a program started in the United States in 2010.
There’ are additional menu to the normal menu such as wine and beer for liquor beverages and original dishes and sweets. The concept is to provide a store for businessmen capable of drinking alcohol to refresh after work.
In the store, there’re qualified Baristas to provide services with exclusive aprons.

The selected wine it’s used in the store was developed with the Napa Valley Wine maker in California.
Besides from the wine made with Napa Valley, they also have sparkling wine from Spain and the seasonal wine and beer as well.
If you ever visit the store, we recommend to have wine and tartlet to go with.
They prepare tartlets for each different wine.
Those tartlets serve in the store’s shape is stick type and easy to eat and also it’s not too sweet as expect, so you can have them as a snack as well.

Once more, the drink named, Wine Fraggino is recommended too. But considering that it’s a flavored ice blended beverage at Starbucks, it’s a Frappuccino in everything but name. Made with blueberry wine from the town of Yoichicho, on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, the Fraggino promises to have a refreshing mix of sweet and tangy flavors.
Some of the stores sold original handmade glasses made by Japanese artisans and limited edition items.
You can order STARBUCKS EVENINGS menu during the daytime as well.
Marunoichi is also known as a place where focuses on the premier Tokyo central sombusiness district.
To have a store where you can stop by and enjoy some drinks in the Starbucks store is fascinating.
Why don’t you try some alcohol beverages at Starbucks Store in Marunouchi?

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