SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2016! Excellent music at a venue with a view of Mt. Fuji!


During the summer months, there are lots of chances for young people in Japan to enjoy outdoor activities. In Japan the seasons are very clearly defined, and the long sunny periods of summer along with rising temperatures make it the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors.

Summer in Japan is synonymous with festivals just as much as it is associated with the beach, camping, and BBQs. Every year when summer rolls around, there are outdoor music festivals held throughout the country.

Crowds of people enjoying performances by Japanese and international rock bands and artists at these summer festivals (known in Japanese as natsu-fesu) under the brightly burning summer sun. These natsu-fesu have established themselves as a stable feature of summer in Japan.

Read on for more about what makes summer festivals different to ordinary concerts and live performances by taking a look at a couple of the most famous summer festivals in Japan.

1. Indoor and outdoor performances at SUMMER SONIC 2016

This is an urban summer festival that was first held in 2000. It is excellently located, accessible within just 1 hour from large cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. Major Japanese and international artists perform here.

2. Music and food stalls at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ‘16

This festival was first held in 1997 at the foot of Mt. Fuji with the objective of promoting ‘Harmony between nature and music’. It is now held at Mt. Naeba in Niigata Prefecture.

Everyone connected with the event plays a part in creating it; i.e. the performers, the audience, and the staff, who have built the event under the mottos of ‘take care of your own affairs’, ‘mutual-help and compromise’, and ‘respect for nature’.


This is a Japanese music festival organised by producers of the music publication ROCKIN`ON JAPAN. A large variety of music artists from rock to electro genres gather for this festival held over the weekend of two consecutive weeks.

Up there with these summer festivals is the annual SWEET LOVE SHOWER held on the shore of Lake Yamanaka. Read on for the attractions at SWEET LOVE SHOWER, also known as SLS!

1. Lots to do asides from the live performances.
(Photo by クレジット)

SWEET LOVE SHOWER is held in natural surroundings at the base of Mt. Fuji. It is located three hours from Tokyo by bus. And there is lots to do, such as hot-air balloon rides within the venue grounds and canoe sessions for those if you who would like to create special memories with friends when coming all the way out of the city. SWEET LOVE SHOWER is a three day long event, so you can easily fit in a canoe ride in during some free time, and a balloon ride in another time between performances.

2. Extensive resting space and dining space!
(Photo by クレジット)

One of the delights of this festival is spending time outdoors with friends.

The second delight is the rows of food stalls in the food court, and the buffet style restaurant that is set up at the venue. Enjoying a meal in perfect natural surroundings with a view of Mt. Fuji really is a luxurious experience!

3. Extravagant artist line-up!

The third delightful aspect of SWEET LOVE SHOWER is the magnificent line-up of Japanese music artists over the 3 day festival!

(Photo by クレジット)


This year’s line-up features artists active internationally such as flumpool, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, DREAMS COME TRUE, [Alexandros], KAELA KIMURA, Suchmos, and WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA etc., and many other bands popular among young people.

(Photo by クレジット)


(Photo by クレジット)


The facility constructions and event services for this multi-artist annual event is the accumulation of the opinions of many visitors to the event, who have in turn helped turn this into a great annual music festival!

WAKUWAKU JAPAN is broadcasting coverage of this year’s event ‘SPACE SHOWER SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2016’. There will also be a special feature programme made for WAKUWAKU JAPAN’s ‘Music Japan TV’ show. For those of you who can’t attend because you’re overseas, please check out the show and get a feel for the finest in Japanese music!

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