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World fashionistas have fallen for “Randoseru – the Japanese Elementary School Bag”


Recently, the one of Japanese fashion items has paid a world’s attention.

The item we are talking about is Japanese elementary school bag named, “Randoseru; it’s a

backpack most commonly used in Japan by elementary schoolchildren.

In 2014, the American actor, Zooey Deschanel was wearing a Randoseru as part of her daily

fashion outfit. This Randoseru become the most famous fashion items worldwide since the

photo of Zooey with her “Randoseru” was taken by paparazzi.

(Via naver)

(Via naver)

In recent years, Randoseru has become popular among some celebrities and fashion

innovators for its function and unique Japanese style.

As we explained in the first place, this Randoseru is commonly used by Japanese


Until now, the typical colours of Randoseru its red as the traditional color for girls and black for

boys, but now days, they can choose their favorite colour regardless of gender.

(Via yahoo)

(Via yahoo)

"Randoseru" is not just a normal school bag. It lasts long since schoolchildren have to use the

same Randoseru for no matter how schoolchildren use Randoseru as a pillow for napping or

use it as a kids fighting tool kit.

(Via Heiwa elementary school)

(Via Heiwa elementary school)

The term “Randoseru” is a borrowed word from the Dutch "Ransel" meaning "backpack”. The

use of the "Randoseru" began in the Edo era. Along with a wave of western reforms in the

Japanese military, the Netherlands-style rucksack called "Ransel" was introduced as a new way

for the foot soldiers to carry their baggage.

Randoseru is not just a normal back pack, it is a firm-sided backpack made of stitched firm

leather or leather-like synthetic material as finished in high-end quality that only can produced

by Japanese craftsmanship.

However, Randoseru are for elementary school students and size is not suitable for use of

adults, but there’s suitable size for adults with its function and storage capacity unchanged.

Recently, a lot of tourists get some information from Anime and Manga about “Randoseru” then

purchase them at the airport or duty free stores for their souvenirs. May be this item is a must

item for creating their own Kawaii style.

Why don’t you try and find your favorite Randoseru as part of fashion items?

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