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Popular Japanese manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi drawings of Japanese artists!


Yoshihiro Togashi is one of Japan’s most famous manga artists, responsible for popular works such as YuYu Hakusho and HUNTER×HUNTER. He is once again gaining popularity, but this time for his drawings of Japanese artists, that have been very well received by both Japanese music fans and by manga lovers.

This drawing by Yoshihiro Togashi is ‘Jun Togawa with Vampillia’. It features a bunch of artists who came together to form the group Vampillia in Osaka. Vampillia is a hugely popular band who have performed at the prestigious music show case event ‘SXSW’ in the US among their many performances overseas. Veteran singer Jun Togawa, who is celebrating 35 years performing, teamed up with this band in December of last year to perform ‘Watashi ga nakou hototogisu’.

(Photo by クレジット)

Photo: ©冨樫義博 / 集英社

Togashi created two drawings, both of which depict all the members beautifully and in great detail. The drawing is reminiscent of one of the popular characters ‘Kumo’ from one of Togashi’s most famous works ‘HUNTER x HUNTER’. These drawings are a must see for avid fans who wait for Togashi to release a new manga, something he only does a few times a year. And for those have never listened to Jun Togawa or Vampillia, it is a good opportunity to get to know and enjoy new music.

The knock on effect has already been made evident, as their CD that was released just last month in record stores throughout Japan and on Amazon has been continuously sold out. The huge reaction is the reminder of just how popular Togashi is all over Japan.

This collaboration between long time veteran of the Japanese music scene Jun Togawa, popular band Vampillia, and manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi is an incredible success.

‘Jun Togawa with Vampillia’ is due to come to Tokyo and Osaka for a ‘Jun Togawa 35th Anniversary LIVE ~Watashi ga nakou hototogisu’ show.

Jun Togawa with Vampillia

Top Photo: ©冨樫義博 / 集英社


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