Top level and free! Make sure to check out the free publications when you come to Tokyo!


You’ll often find free magazines in stands at the station or in stores. Readers can check out bargains and entertainment info for free, or use it to kills some time. While there is a variety of such free publications, a new free magazine was released in Tokyo in December 2016.

Photo by bangs TOKYO

The cover features a shot of Ayami Chujo, who just got her big break! Let’s take a look at just what kind of free magazine this is.

On the front-line with Japan’s KAWAII Culture! Check out ‘Monthly Underwater Knee-High Girls R’, a monthly publication featuring a combination of underwater shots and a girl in knee-high socks!

The printing presses start pumping out a new stylist search free magazine

‘bangs’ is an online stylist search magazine. It has been adapted for the printing presses and is being distributed under the title ‘bangs TOKYO’. It features a series of interviews with model and actress Ayumi Chujo and is quickly gaining a name for high quality that out goes over and beyond the level expected of a free magazine.

Up until now, when it comes to free publications regarding beauty salons and esthe procedures, most publications had been centred on advertising. However, this new magazine is presented differently. And the reason for that is that the focus is placed more on the stylists, rather than particular beauty salons. This magazine takes on a role that supports readers in their search to find a stylist best suited to them.

Photo by bangs TOKYO

Along with pages that introduce most recent trends from the perspective of stylists,

Photo by bangs TOKYO

There are also items introducing the best make-up techniques for this winter etc. in this information packed magazine. In relation to beauty related features, ’bangs TOKYO’ also introduces new music information along with artist interviews, movies, Art, and the latest in entertainment news.

There are lots more other free magazines in Tokyo overflowing with info!


This is ‘Tokyo Trend Ranking’, a free magazine that is placed in 134 metro stations in Tokyo. It introduces spots located near metro stations, along with celebrity interviews and more.


Hot Pepper is the kind of the free magazine world. It can be found at stations and convenience stores. Along with information from restaurants and beauty salons, it also introduces tips on communicating when at drinking parties, and popular trendy items for men etc.

It’s exciting even just to read these free magazines. Why not pick one up when visiting Tokyo?


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