Has fashion finally come to this?! Bra Over T-shirt is the next big trend!


There’s just one trend you need to wear to appear on top of this year’s fashion trends, and that’s the Bra Over T-shirt trend. You might be having trouble believing this trend, but Kendal Jenner, a hot model at the moment who is causing waves in the fashion world, is said to be a fan! The trend has spread throughout Japan because of wide coverage in women’s magazines, and fashion conscious Japanese girls and women are already wearing this style! Before you try this fashion out for yourself, check out the points to be careful of, and then go right ahead and add this style to your wardrobe!

1.Bra types to be worn are lace, without padding, and non-wire types.

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The bra is for appearances only, so you don’t have to worry about coverage. Transparent laces bras are particularly popular. The bra is to be worn lightly over a t-shirt, so non-padded and non-wire versions work best to avoid wrinkling, and also allow for a smooth silhouette.

2. Match white t-shirts with dark coloured bras

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(Photo by excite ニュース)

Combining a white t-shirt with black or bordeaux red bras works best to create an attractive shape. You can also use colours in the opposite pattern, wearing a pale colour bra over a black t-shirt for a cute look. However, pale coloured bras can create an unmistakeable underwear vibe so this colour combination is not easy to pull off. You should also choose slim fitting t-shirts best suited for layering!

3. Keep your bottom half simple

The bra is supposed to play the leading role of this style. So it is best to avoid attention grabbing bottoms. Purposely wearing boyish trousers such as loose damaged jeans or chinos create good balance with the bra and t-shirt for a well put together outfit over all.

As long as you’ve grasped these three points you’ll have nothing to worry about when trying out this latest trend for yourself!

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