On the front-line with Japan’s KAWAII Culture! Check out ‘Monthly Underwater Knee-High Girls R’, a monthly publication featuring a combination of underwater shots and a girl in knee-high socks!


So what is up next on the front-line of Japanese KAWAII (lit. cute) Culture? What would you say if you were asked a question like this? You might answer by saying manga, or anime, or maybe Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? There is probably enough possibilities for a different response for every person asked, but we are about to introduce you to our editing section’s top choice; the much talked about Japanese cultural monthly publication’s ‘Monthly Underwater Knee-High Girls R’.

Tokyo Photographer you ought to know, Yoshikazu Aizawa

‘Monthly Underwater Knee-High Girls R’ monthly published magazine was first released in December of last year, originally targeted at a young audience who enjoy Japanese KAWAII culture, pop culture, and so on. The highly acclaimed ‘Underwater Knee-High Girls’ photo collection was featured in this publication.

If we were to try to explain the ‘Underwater Knee-High’ photos collection, it is safe to say that it is a new and unlikely combination, that brings together girls in knee-high socks and an underwater setting. It is a very pop-esque and cute photo series, and is enjoying popularity with both guys and girls throughout Japan.

‘Sprite’ is the name of the project by famous designer and visual creator Manabu Koga. It is centred around an online shop of the same name, featured the January edition (released December 14 Wed) in the renewed monthly publication ‘Monthly Underwater Knee-High Girls R’ to be published on the second Wednesday of every month (a play on words based on the similar sound for ‘knee’ and ‘second’, and ‘Wednesday’ and ‘water’).

The deciding point that makes this ‘Monthly Underwater Knee-High Girls R’ different to the ‘Underwater Knee-High’ so far, is that it is designed as a magazine rather than a photo collection.

And the resulting magazine created under this concept retains its key theme of photos of girls in knee-high socks underwater, while creating an even richer media format where readers can enjoy a deeper pop-cute perspective while enjoying the original fun of the ‘Underwater Knee-High’ theme, through different articles, manga and so on. In doing this, readers can interact more with the publication.


In the first edition, figure creator Hiroaki Kurimoto presents ‘Underwater Motor Unit’ featuring an innocent white bikini and red and white stripy knee-high socks, caught the attention of many would-be fans. Also, the model that features in the underwater high-knee socks photos, Shimarisu, has gained many fans throughout Japan.

The magazine also features explanatory articles such as ‘HOW TO TAKE Underwater High-Knee Photos’, and photos with poetry created by collaborating with the model. This month’s edition features Christmas and New Year’s themed photos, pleasing readers with the seasonal theme. The next edition of ‘Monthly Underwater Knee-High Girls R’ goes on sale on Wednesday, January 11th.

Simply knowing about ‘Underwater High-Knee’, right on the front-line of Japanese KAWAII Culture will make you appear highly knowledgeable on the subject!

‘Monthly Underwater Knee-High Girls R’



Top Photo :Sprite Official Tumblr

Tokyo Photographer you ought to know, Yoshikazu Aizawa

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