High quality value for money Japanese made cosmetics coming to South East Asia!


Do you have a high price image of Japanese cosmetic products?

Well, you may be able to purchase high quality Japanese cosmetics at a low price soon!

High quality, organic, and made in Japan, are some of the features of these products!

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‘Wajun’ is a new skincare product created for women in South East Asia. It provides whitening benefits as well as being rich in moisturising agents, creating glowing

skin without leaving a sticky residue. It also uses recognised organic ingredients and does not include chemicals that exist in other products on the market. This skincare range is scented with lavender, and comes in a very versatile form of a mist spray. It can be used on bare skin, and also on top of your make-up! You can rest assured that this product is made entirely in Japan, and is thoroughly supervised from the manufacturing, to bottling, and through to the final packaging.

Cosmetics range born from the developer’s time living in the Philippines

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This cosmetic product was developed by SEIWA GLOBAL, a company that has its headquarters in Kyoto. The idea for this product was born when the founder was living in the Philippines for a number of years after getting married.

While the women of South East Asia were very conscious of beauty, high quality skincare products were not readily available. High quality skincare was only sold by expensive luxury brands. Meaning that most women simply could not afford to use them.

The founder of this line went through the same circumstances as those women, and so decided to launch this cosmetics line.

Currently seeking crowd funding to meet project needs!

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Ahead of the product presentation in October, it seems that travel and meeting expenses, as well as manufacturing and packaging and leaflet preparations are proceeding but have also amounted to more than expected. And now there is insufficient capital for production.

That is why they are now running the ‘Ready For’ scheme. The aim is to raise 530,000 JPY through crowd funding. People who donate 3,000 JPY will be given a letter of gratitude and product leaflet, and those who donate 10,000 JPY will be presented with the product itself.

One day, high quality reasonably priced Japanese cosmetics will be coming to a drugstore near you. Are you willing to make a donation to make this a reality?

Ready For Page: https://readyfor.jp/projects/cosme

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