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4 Japanese stars make it to list for THE 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES OF 2016


THE 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES OF 2016 was made public on 27 December 2016. This list is released annually on the American movie website ‘TC Candler’ operated by American film critic TC Candler.

Ranking Criteria
– Rankings are independent of popularity
– Changing public opinion is better than being reflected in public opinion
– High subjective selection of rankings

Many Japanese people look forward to seeing what Japanese actress will be featured on the list every year. And inspire of the criteria stated above, the results may be swayed by opinions from website viewers, dogmatic decisions, and prejudices of site owner TC Candler himself. In previous years Japan featured in the rankings with Yuri Ebihara, Meisa Kuroki, Ayumi Hamasaki, and so on.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at actresses chosen in the past two years.

Popular Idols ‘Tokyo Performance Doll’ have released eagerly awaited first album

These three featured in the 2016 rankings!

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Satomi Ishihara (6th) Highest position reached by a Japanese person. 4th time to be featured.

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Mirei Kiritani (38th) 5th time featured. Featured in her highest position at 8th in

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Haruka Shimazaki (92nd) Has been featured for 4 consecutive years since 2013. Personal best was at 50th in 2014.

2015 was also the same line-up from Japan!

Satomi Ishihara (19th), Mirei Kiritani (31st), and Haruka Shimazaki (74th), and…

Her name wasn’t mentioned in 2016 but…

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Nozomi Sasaki (84th) was listed for 6 consecutive years until 2015!

We tried predicting who will be selected in 2017!

We picked two actresses that have roles in movies that are due for release in 2017 (since the rankings are run by a movie website we figured that an actress featuring in a movie has some kind of chance) and came up our own prediction.

Kanna Hashimoto

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She was nothing by a local idol group member, known for being ‘too cute’ online and went instantly viral all around the country. She plays a role in the real life adaptation of internationally renowned manga Gintama that is due to be released in 2017.

Aya Ueto

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She was featured in ‘THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES OF 2013’ ranking in 99th place. Four years have passed since then, and she has polished her look of maturity and femininity through her work as an actress since then.

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Popular Idols ‘Tokyo Performance Doll’ have released eagerly awaited first album

Momokuro’s annual summer live show ‘Momo Shinsai 2016’ video production.

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