Yasutaka Nakata collaborates with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on latest solo


Yasutaka Nakata is one of Japan’s top musicians both on the Harajuku POP culture scene as well as on the J-POP music scene. He recently announced the release of his new solo song, ‘Crazy Crazy’ which features Japanese princess of pop Kyary Pamyupamyu as well as London princess of pop Charli XCX.

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Charli XCX is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter and has previously featured on Icona Pop -I Love I which reached number 7 in the charts in the US, and on Iggy Azalea -Fancy that held onto the number 1 spot in the US for 7 weeks. And her own song ‘Boomclap’ reached number 8 in the US. Her Tokyo version of the music video for Boomclap was set in Tokyo and features many elements of Japanese pop culture.

Yasutaka Nakata wrote the music for his latest release, with lyrics and guest vocals by Charli XCX, and Kyary Pamyupamyu also performing her first all English number. It is the 5th anniversary since Kyari Pamyupamyu’s debut, and this song, a collaboration with a non-Japanese artist, is the fifth and final part of her ‘5 schemed plan’. This new song is a split release, with Kyary Pamyupamyu’s new song ‘Harajuku Iyahoi’ also being recorded at the same time.

In order to mark the release of this song, Yasutaka Nakata and Kyari Pamyupamyu will be performing live at a special event on January 28th in Japan’s largest entertainment space, Tokyo ageHa.

Internationally acclaimed Japanese genius music producer and princesses of pop of both England and Japan come together for an unmissable number that marks a new generation for pop!

Reference: ナタリー

Yasutaka Nakata
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Top Photo: ナタリー


You have got to hear about this! The top Shojo manga most read by Japanese guys announced!

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