Hot idol group! ‘Yumemiru Adolescence’ release long awaited first best of album!


As you are more than likely already aware, idol groups in Japan have long been facing daily struggles on the battlefield of what is referred to as the idols warring period. But even among all that competition, one of the most prominent idol groups is ‘Yumemiru Adolescence’.

They have announced the lease of this new best of compilation album ‘5’, to go on sale on March 22nd. This album features a compilation of their singles since their major debut that they have worked on with a star-studded lineup of creators.

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This album is made up of singles created by famous musicians such as Sho Okamato from popular rock band OKAMOTO’S, Yoshikatsu Shuto (KEYTALK) and MINMI among others.

There is also plenty of musical pieces from their live shows that have been given a new original sound, making this their first best of album, a truly original compilation.

Photo: SONY MUSIC LABELS Press Release

Also, since the contents of the recording and the number of pieces of music are different for each format, meaning that it is the perfect masterpiece for both longtime fans, and for those who are just getting to know this group.

The group announced this new release during their regular performance at “YUMELIVE! JAPAN” in Tokyo on January 30th. This album is full of eagerly awaited content by both fans and newcomers!

Photo: SONY MUSIC LABELS Press Release

There are four varieties of artwork and content available when purchasing this new album. Meaning that there will probably plenty of competition to get the limited edition versions.

Photo: SONY MUSIC LABELS Press Release

Yumemiru Adolescence – Best of Album ‘5’
Info: http://yumeado.com

Top Photo: SONY MUSIC LABELS Press Release


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