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New Generation in Japan – about education free of pressure and enlighten “Yutori” and “Satori” –


No motivations, passions and rebel against the old generation as known as “Yutori” is roughly (and somewhat misleadingly) translated as a more relaxed education or education some freedom, and the “Action Plan for Improving Academic Ability”, a specific response to the perceived decline of the academic (meaning ability in math, science, and literacy) in comparison to their peers in other industrialized nations. We are not underestimating all the young generation, but to those who were born after 1987 had different ways of educations.

The government revised the teaching guideline in the 1980s. The main purpose was to reduce education stress and to introduce relaxed classes called Rest Periods to receive Yutori Education.

The big difference between old generation and young generation is the number of the holidays. Before 1980, Saturday was a school day, but not anymore for Yutori Education.

Yutori generation is called Satori Generation as well. Along with this, the contents written in the text book has reduced as well.

To this it is reorganized as “they are not study as same as old generation”, so people from old generation called them Yutori generation with an irony.

Yutori generation has also been referred as the “Enlightenment generation” as meanings of enlightenment from Buddhist term.

By the time people from Yutori generation got discretion collapsed since the Japanese bubble economy, they have grown up in a poor era of economy.

This is the reason why they are seeking to have a solid and stable life, so they are not enthusiatic about achieving the results. For example, they don’t need boyfriend or girlfriend, so somehow they don’t want to go outside kind of minds are described as enlightenment.

Currently, Yutori generation and old generation have different perspectives and old generation think young generation has behavior problems. For example, they only do what they are taught and do not participate dinner with their colleagues or friends.

Nowadays, a couple of dramas and manga take up these problems and it hits the trends.

Actually Yutori generation is aware of themselves that they were educated with free from pressures, but it seems like none of them are trying to change the style of their life. They maybe going to have rebellions from old generation, but maybe the young people who have lost the passions…it may be the quiet rebellions from them…

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