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You’ll definitely get hooked on these sickly cute idols, ‘Zenbu kimi no seida’ (lit. it’s all your fault)


A new style of groups has been born in the world of idols. This new genre goes by the name of ‘Zenbu kimi no seida’ (lit. it’s all your fault).

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It’s impossible to miss out on the sickly element present in the design of their third single that goes on retail on February 15. This new trend only imaginable in the world of idols is quickly gaining a following who are hooked!

Popular Japanese cosplayer Eri Kitami plans ‘rubber photo’.

What does ‘Zenbu kimi no seida’ (lit. it’s all your fault) mean?

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This five-part group take the visual concept of ‘sickly cute’ and use it to express emotions that all human beings possess deep within themselves (emotions of suffering) through a combination of cuteness, poison, and anarchy. They started out in 2015, and their popularity has exploded since 2016.

First things first, check out one of their songs!

This is the lead song, ‘WORLD END CRISIS feat. ◎Shidare’ from their second full album ‘Anima Animus PRDX’ released in November 2016.

The song is composed like something that is of a new generation moving forward at breakneck speed and has elements of suffering that can be recognised clearly by listeners, as well as through the visuals in the music video. The member’s facial expressions also suggest suffering (especially their eyes and the way they look at things!). The vocals and sound cause throbbing in the chest of listeners, and continues to captivate more and more fans.

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Tokyo Photographer you ought to know, Yoshikazu Aizawa

Popular Japanese cosplayer Eri Kitami plans ‘rubber photo’.

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